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These haiku have been selected from Voice of the Peeper, a recent anthology of haiku from members of the Boston Haiku Society.

voice of the peeper
on the spring breeze

Kaji Aso


holding a handful
of quarters in my pocket
february night

John Bergstrom

bumper to bumper
the monarch changes lanes

Raffael de Gruttola


two naked men
nothing between them
but baseball

Judson Evans

the meter maid
becomes still --
how like a mosquito

Glenn Gustafson


phoning her lover
she turns her sweetheart's photo
face down

Sarah Jensen

snowy day --
the TV chef
whips up a meringue

Donald Kelly


river ice melting
two lovers open
each other's coat

Karen Klein

morning after the party
dumping mussel shells
among forget-me-nots

Tadashi Kondo


Veteran's Day rain --
an old man holds an umbrella
above the monument

Paul David Mena

just enough light
for one haiku

June Moreau


trash can's sudden clatter
a racoon's eyes
fade back into night

Lawrence Rungren

a passing girl
hair late autumn color...
more and more fallen
leaves between us

Natalia S.


Coltrane floats
through an open window
summer solstice

David Schuster

on the sidewalk
shadows of cigarette smoke
departing spring

Zinovy (Zeke) Vayman


from the coiled
garden hose:

Rich Youmans

during their embrace
his desperate eyes
glance about

John Ziemba


tar smell
from the railroad ties
waking copperhead

Robert Zukowski

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